Courses Taught

ECE 342: Electronic Circuits

Analysis and design of analog and digital electronic circuits using MOS field-effect transistors and bipolar junction transistors with an emphasis on the study of amplifiers in integrated circuits.

ECE 483: Analog IC Design

Introduction of analog IC design using Bipolar and CMOS technologies; operational amplifiers; feedback and stability; circuit noise; sinusoidal and relaxation oscillators; application of analog integrated circuits.

Spring 2021 | Spring 2019 | Spring 2018 | Spring 2017 | Spring 2016 | Spring 2015 | Spring 2014

ECE 581: Advanced Analog IC Design

Advanced topics in modern analog IC design. Emphasis on CMOS building blocks and circuit techniques as a result of fabrication technology advancement. Noise in linear analog circuits; linear feedback theory and stability; harmonic distortion in weakly nonlinear circuits; switched-capacitor circuit technique and realization; Nyquist-rate and oversampled data converters.

ECE 598: High Speed Serial Links